Junior (16+ kg) - Size 6

Order the Junior–Size 6 Nappies for Kids from Nappies Direct
For new parents, it can be quite overwhelming to know what their kids need. This gets very difficult when it comes to choosing the right nappies for babies. As your baby grows the demand for bigger nappies keeps increasing and hence it is advised to choose the right nappy size for your little ones. The right size as we know can be determined using the size guide provided by the nappy brand. If your baby weighs more than 16 kgs, then it is the time you choose Junior – Size 6 nappies online for your little one. Nappies Direct has taken care of all your needs and hence have provided all of you with the best Junior 16+ kg nappies in NZ. So, go ahead and order them right now from our online portal.

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