Crawler (6 - 11 kg) - Size 3

Nappies Direct Brings the Best Huggies Crawler Nappies for Babies in NZ
There are many times when we all tend to get confused about which nappies to buy for our kids. It is actually a daunting task to pick the right nappy for the little one’s comfort and protection. This is why we at Nappies Direct are here to help you decide that. We have actually segregated the nappies and found that if your baby weighs between 6 to 11 kgs, then crawler nappies for babies are the best. Yes, you heard that right, nappies do differ according to the weight of your babies. Hence, we have provided our users with detailed information about the same on our website. You can surely check upon it. So, coming back to the nappy size, we hope that now you can happily order the crawler nappies in NZ from our online website.

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